About Us

Green Energy Hoods (GEH) is a leading designer, manufacturer, and service provider to the critical environment market and laboratory spaces. Founded in 1991, Green Energy Hoods is a market leader four primary market segments:

EcoFlex Fume Hood – GEH is the designer and manufacturer of the transformational EcoFlex Fume Hood. Developed in collaboration with major pharmaceutical, industrial, and research institutions, EcoFlex Fume Hoods contain intelligent systems that allow facility managers to relocate them easily and inexpensively. We expect truly relocatable fume hoods to change how laboratories are managed in the future.

EcoFlex Modular Lab  – GEH is the designer and manufacturer of the Eco Flex Modular Lab. These turnkey, prefabricated, modular laboratories come with fully commissioned airflow monitoring and controls for intrinsically safe VAV laboratory operations.

TEL Controls Dealer – As one of the largest TEL Dealers worldwide, GEH is leading provider of TEL Controls to the US laboratory market. Whether it is as a package on our EcoFlex Fume Hoods or EcoFlex Modular Labs or as a turn-key retrofit to an existing laboratory space, GEH has a team of engineers dedicated to delivering turn-key solutions to any lab focused on increased productivity, improved safety,  reduced costs of energy and operations.

  • VAC Laboratory Controls
  • Autosash Controller
  • Airflow Monitors
  • Kitchen Hood Controls
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation Controls

Certification and Inspection Services – GEH works with hundreds of customers to provide on-going certification and inspection services. For over 25 years, GEH has built a process to perform these services cost effectively, while also providing on-going training and energy efficiency consulting.

With awareness of changes in legislation and the need for energy and cost savings, we proactively develop new products and services for the laboratory environment. Green Energy Hoods is committed to supporting the emerging needs of customer facilities: new and existing laboratories, professional kitchens, and other Commercial & Industrial airflow containment environments.